Parts of a Chimney

Parts of a Chimney

At Chimney Sweep Minneapolis we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and to serve our customers with the best service we are providing information on the basic parts of a chimney. By better understanding, the components of a chimney and how the chimney works customers will have the information they need to understand better the services that we provide. The basic parts of a chimney are listed below:

Chimney Flue

The Chimney Flue is the vertical duct through which the combustion materials and gases exit the home to the outside atmosphere.

Chimney Liner

The Chimney Liner is the conduit inside the chimney that protects the chimney walls from heat and corrosion that occur during the combustion process. The chimney liner also protects combustible materials near the flue including ceilings, insulation, framing, and walls.

Chimney Cap

The Chimney Cap is a protective covering on the top of the chimney that helps prevent rain, snow, sleet, debris, and animals from entering the chimney and the home. The chimney cap also contains wire mesh that prevents hot embers that rise up the chimney from landing on the roof and possibly sparking a fire.

Chimney Flashing

Chimney Flashing is a thin piece of metal that is installed to create a watertight barrier where the chimney and roof meet. Chimney flashing helps to prevent water from entering and causing damage to the home.

Chimney Crown

The Chimney Crown sits on top of the chimney and overhangs the masonry by at least 2 inches to help protect against the weather. Chimney crowns do not cover the chimney interior; the chimney caps serve that purpose.


The Chimney Damper usually consists of two metal plates that are located just above the firebox with the ability to open and close. By opening and closing the damper, you can control the flow of air and smoke. Before starting a fire make sure the damper is open and once the flame extinguishes close the damper to retain the heat in your home.

Smoke Chamber

The Smoke Chamber is located between the damper and the flue and is where combustion byproducts are compressed into a smaller place to exit through the chimney properly.

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